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Hello, fellow writers! As we all know, so many things go into writing the very best novel we can. Even more goes into helping readers who might love our work discover it! When I compare where I am on the author path with where I started, I’m so thankful for the many other writers who’ve shared their joys and frustrations and especially their tips for what works for them. I’ve figured out enough that I feel I have something worth sharing now. I hope you think so, too!

Catching Your Reader’s Eye: Designing Covers that Appeal to Both Men and Women

My Light in the Empire novels are stories of dangerous times, difficult friendships, and lives transformed by forgiveness and love. Both men and women have told me they enjoy these stories that are adventures and quests with a romance woven into the plot. They are romantic historicals, not historical romances, where the romance is the main point of the plot. But how do you convey that with the cover? A typical romance cover, no matter how beautiful, can keep a man from ever picking up the book to read the back or clicking on the cover to check out the description online. Click here for an article on what I’ve found works, at least for my own novels. Maybe for yours as well.