Future Newsletters: What Would You Like?

writing pad and laptopHere are some of the things that often are found in author newsletters. Please use the contact form to let me know which you’d most like to see me include.

1. Writing updates – what I’m writing and researching
2. Special offers – book bundles, free promos, price reductions
3. Informal surveys – Who’s your favorite character? What books are you reading? What’s your favorite historical novel? Other things you’re curious about?
4. Short history articles related to Roman and Biblical times.
I write a Roman history site at carolashby.com that I keep PG-13 or cleaner for teachers, students, and people who just like all things Roman, so I’m tracking ancient world archeology all the time.
5. Extracts from my books, like some of the chapters I especially love or deleted/extended scenes.
6. Short stories about secondary characters.
7: More background info about favorite characters…and your not-so-favorite bad guys. Location info, too.
8: Info about the books I’m reading and loving.
9. Personal news
10: Anything you’d like to see that I haven’t thought to mention.

Looking forward to hearing from you so I can make these something you’ll really enjoy.