Join the Shine the Light Launch Team

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Do you enjoy reading stories about friendships you never would have expected and the power of forgiveness and love to change lives?

Do you love telling friends about your favorite books?

Then perhaps you’d love becoming a member of my Shine the Light Launch team for the next in the stand-alone Light in the Empire Series.

A launch team is a group of readers who love spreading the word about a new book, especially just before it releases to the public  but also any time they think someone might enjoy a book they loved.

Launch team members get a free advance reader copy of the new book so they can read it before anyone can buy it.

There are three important things that launch team members do:

1) Post a review at online book sellers, like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, and Kobo (sellers of epub books through Walmart). If you want to post reviews at some less well known online discount book sellers, check out Thrift Books, Powell’s, and alibris.

2) Share about the book at your favorite social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and any others where people who might enjoy the book hang out.

3) Tell your face-to-face friends how much you enjoyed the story.

And please pray that many people will read and enjoy the book and be moved by the story of how God’s love can change lives.

Some team members like to do extra things. Here are some that you might consider, if you think you’d like to try them.

1) Post a review or rate the book at reader sites like Goodreads, BookBub, and others you might like yourself.

2) If you blog, let your followers know about the book.

3) If you’re in a book club or know book club leaders, encourage them to read any of the Light in the Empire novels.

4) If your town library likes patrons to request books, ask the librarians to order it in. It will be available in hardcover as well as paperback after the release date.

5) If your church has a library, let the librarian know about the whole series,  including the discussion guides for study groups.

6) Pray for me as I work on the next story. I’ll treasure your prayers!

7) Anything you would like to do that will let other people know about the book. I’d love to hear your ideas! I’ll share them with the rest of the team because they might like to try them, too!

I’d love it if you would  share your thoughts with me about old favorites, new projects you’d like to see, and anything else you want to share. This isn’t really a launch activity, but I LOVE talking books with people!

So if you’d like to help launch the next Light in the Empire novel, please fill out the contact form with the following information:
1) Which of my novels you’ve already read.
2) What activities you’d like to take part in (from the list above) to help spread the word both before True Freedom releases the last week of May and for a while after release.
3) Which ebook format you prefer for your free ebook: MOBI (Kindle), epub (Nook and Kobo readers) or pdf.

Any questions or just want to contact me about anything? Please email me any time at I’d love to hear which novel in the series is your favorite and especially who your favorite characters are. Galen came back as the hero in Faithful because people told me how much they loved him as a teen in Blind Ambition and that they’d like to see him as a grown man. Marcus from Forgiven is back 4 years earlier in True Freedom because someone wanted to see what he was like before he tried to prune the family tree…again.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Please be sure to put Launch Team in the subject box and some words in the comment part or your message might not get to me. Thanks!