Intro: The Beauty of Truth

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“What is truth?”

The most famous question of all time.

A question uttered by Pontius Pilate in AD 33 as he wrestled with the dilemma of what to do when his political enemies were demanding the judicial murder of an innocent man or they would report him as a traitor to the Roman emperor who’d already questioned his loyalty.

A question echoed in our own hearts today. That innocent man, who refused to answer Pilate’s question during his trial, has answered it for us. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

That question resonates at the core of my being. As a retired scientist with a Ph.D. in chemistry, I delight in understanding the physical reality (the truth) of the world around us. As an author of historical fiction, I revel in creating stories that probe human realities. I write of human conflict and difficult friendships that grow into love while characters discover their own faith in Christ. I write of life as it was in the Roman Empire, with its troubles and triumphs so much like life today, and of how satisfying life can be when we become children of God.

To write about the human experience in Roman times, I’ve studied many aspects of Roman society. The culture was defined by everything from food and fashion to the Roman class structure, where the fabulously rich men from noble families ruled and the slaves were treated as nothing more than “living things” and “talking tools.” You’ll find a history site sharing what I’ve learned at, and I hope you’ll visit there.

But there’s much more to truth than the facts of history. There’s the reality of our experience of what God has done, first in creating the world that human choices later ruined and then in restoring those who seek Him.

I hope you’ll join me here in reflection and conversation about the truth that we can understand and the truth that passes all understanding. As Jesus said, the truth will set us free. In that freedom, we can find His way to true life.

I’d love your comments to start the conversation, but let’s always remember to THINK before we post. Before hitting “submit,” let’s ask whether what we’re posting is True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind.

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