Truth and Honor: Is truth worth the price if it costs you everything?

It’s time for the next adventure filled with danger, friendship, faith, and love. Come join me again in the Roman Empire of Hadrian, this time in Roman Carthage, capital of the province of Africa Proconsularis, in AD 128. The next volume in the Light in the Empire series is here!

In this new tale of light in the darkness and hope in difficult times, Tribune Glabrio of What Matters Most is transferred to command the troops of the Urban Cohort that police Roman Carthage and ensure that the North African grain that feeds 2/3 of Rome reaches its destination. It’s a great opportunity to draw the attention of Emperor Hadrian when he tours North Africa in a few months, paving the way for Glabrio’s rapid political advancement.

It also introduces him to Martina, the independent-minded niece of a Carthaginian councilman and a woman like none he’s met before. But following Jesus is illegal, and Martina wants nothing to do with the man who could arrest her for her faith if he ever learns her secret.

When Glabrio learns that the tribune before him has mysteriously disappeared, he and his secretly Christian aide Sartorus begin the hunt for the missing man…or his corpse. But learning the truth can carry a great cost. Will Glabrio be willing to pay it?.

Truth and Honor can be read and enjoyed as a stand-alone novel, like all the books in the Light in the Empire series. But if you’ve been wondering what happened to Glabrio, Titianus, and several of the other people you met as you read What Matters Most, you can find out while adding a whole new set of characters I think you’ll care about, too.

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Available as e-book, paperback, and hardcover at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as e-book at Kobo, and as paperback and hardcover at many online booksellers and most local bookstores by special order.

Truth and Honor by Carol Ashby
Volume 12 of the Light in the Empire series

Is truth worth the price if it costs you everything?

For Tribune Glabrio, descended from three consuls of Rome and determined to be the fourth, commanding the troops policing Carthago appears ideal for hastening his political rise. Arriving from Rome with the secretly Christian Sartorus as his aide, Glabrio discovers the man he was to replace has vanished without a trace. Was the missing tribune too close to finding the counterfeiters Glabrio is now hunting? But no matter the cost, duty and honor require him to enforce Roman law.

Orphaned as a child and taken to live with her pagan grandfather, Martina met Jesus through her step-grandmother. Their faith was a well-kept secret, even from most of their family. With both grandparents now dead, her uncle helps Martina hide the faith he doesn’t share. But after a single dinner at her uncle’s, the new tribune is determined to get to know her. No matter what she does to discourage Glabrio, he won’t leave her alone. But if he discovers her faith, will it mean her death?

When Martina rescues Glabrio from the counterfeiter’s schemes, he learns the people who risked everything to save him share the faith that got his grandfather executed. Embracing that faith could cost him the future he planned on. As an officer of the empire, it’s his duty to reject it…but what if it’s true?

Light in the Empire Series: Dangerous times, difficult friendships, lives transformed by forgiveness and love

The Light in the Empire series of novels should delight lovers of Biblical fiction set in Roman times and lovers of ancient world historical fiction where world views collide.

Truth and Honor is the twelfth volume in the Light in the Empire series, which follows the interconnected lives of several Roman families during the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian. Each can be read stand-alone. The novels of the series will take you around the Empire, from Germania and Britannia to Thracia, Dacia, Judaea, North Africa, and, of course, to Rome itself.

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